Mission, Vision & Valuestransparency

Isos’ primary purpose is the driver for everything we do. We have defined our primary purpose as:

'Every day we make someone’s life better.'


Our 2020 Vision lays the foundations for our further growth and success and sets out where we aspire to be come 2020.

Our 2020 Vision:

We are the north’s leading housing company, acclaimed nationally as the most pioneering organisation in our sector. Our customers love our diverse and innovative services, which improve their lives in ways they never thought possible. Our success is sustained by a thriving commercial portfolio. Our brand, delivered everyday through exceptional customer service, is widely celebrated as a symbol and guarantee of outstanding quality. Year after year we are recognised as one of the very best companies to work for. We continue to grow because we are the first and best choice for customers, partners and employees.


To achieve our 2020 Vision we need to make sure that our actions are aligned to clear aims and that we are driven by shared values.

In consultation with staff we have developed the following Values that define the style and personality of Isos.

We commit to:

Be welcoming – we will open our arms and our mind.
Be collaborative – we will work together through teamwork.
Be dedicated – we will go the extra mile.
Be understanding – we will step into others’ shoes.
Be imaginative – we will ask ‘what if?’
Be energetic – we will fire on all cylinders.


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