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Noisy neighbours can be a nuisance, but now the Noise App offers a quick and easy way for tenants to report the problem to us.

Noise app in action

Download the Noise App for free.

The app, which is free to download from the App Store for iPhone users, or the Play Store for android users, allows tenants to record, rate and report noise disturbance.

Once downloaded to a smartphone, it’s easy to create an account by searching for ‘Isos/Cestria’ when asked for the investigator/housing provider.

Tenants can then complete a simple form rating the scale of the disturbance and detailing what kind of noise it is, as well as the effect it is having on them.

They can also record the disturbance for 30 seconds, before filing their report with us. The app is fitted with GPS to pinpoint the exact location of the recording.

Once the report has been uploaded, tenants can receive an in-app notification when their case has been updated by an officer.

Safer Neighbourhoods team leader, Laurie Edmundson, said: “The app recordings can help us establish very quickly if there is a problem; that the disturbance isn’t just the noise of everyday living.

“This speeds up the whole process of dealing with an incident, because tenants don’t need to speak to us first to start the ball rolling - they can make a recording themselves.

“We all know a certain level of tolerance is needed between neighbours, but if you’ve spoken to your neighbours about the noise they’re making and you’re getting nowhere, you can use the Noise App to quickly and effectively lodge a complaint.”

The app is easy to use and once an account has been created it guides the user through making their first recording, as well as how to send it to us.

For more information visit our Noise App page, or for further help downloading or using the app, please use the live chat on our website during office hours and speak to a member of staff.

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