A little bit about us

At Isos we want to be open and honest about everything we do. The Open & Transparent section of our website gives an insight ‘behind the scenes’ at Isos.

All things being equal

Equality and diversity illustration

We chose the name Isos because in Greek it means ‘equal’. Everyone is welcome at Isos. We aim to treat all of our customers, staff and partners fairly regardless of their background.

Our approach is not about treating people the same; it is about adapting our services to meet the specific needs of the individuals and communities we work with.

We actively seek out new opportunities for reaching all sections of the community to address disadvantage and inequality.

Our equality vision

Our vision for equality and diversity is one where everyone is treated fairly and has the right to the same opportunities, freedom and respect, with equal access to our services in communities, which celebrate diversity as a source of strength.

Our equality aims

Our six equality aims for 2015–2017 were devised with the help of both residents and staff.

1:      To understand the diverse make up of our tenants and service users.

2:      To ensure that our involvement strategy reaches out to all groups.

3:      To further develop how we communicate with our diverse communities.

4:      To understand the diverse make up of our staff group and Board.

5:      To ensure that all staff, managers, Directors and Board members are trained and confident in embedding diversity issues into everything Isos does.

6:      To embed an Equality Impact Assessment process into decision making at Isos.

For more information see our Single Equality Scheme brochure on the right of this page.

Hard copies and alternative formats are available on request – call Customer Services on 0300 300 1505 or email info@isoshousing.co.uk to request a copy.

A green machine

Fields and houses illustration

At Isos we understand that even the smallest things matter when it comes to protecting our environment.

Sustainability cuts through the core of everything we do.

From building new homes with air source heat pumps to buying Fairtrade tea and coffee for our staff rooms and recycling our rubbish, everything we do, big and small, has one eye on the environment.

When we look for contractors or suppliers to do work on our behalf, we ask to see their environmental policies and use this to help us make our decision on whether to use them.

As well as reducing our environmental impact we also want our communities to be sustainable. By this we mean that we want to help create neighbourhoods that have a long-term future, where people can live enjoyable, fulfilling lives.

Isos achieved the Sustainable Homes Index For Tomorrow (SHIFT) Gold award in 2016.

SHIFT is an independent benchmark of how environmentally sustainable a housing organisation is. Being a SHIFT member involves striving to continually reduce environmental impacts. It also demonstrates that an organisation is open about its environmental performance. SHIFT is formally recognised by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and is endorsed by the National Housing Federation (NHF) and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

Every two years, SHIFT members are analysed on their environmental performance. Weighted questions measure aspects such as energy efficiency, water use, waste and adaptation to climate change. They are then compared to other housing providers and given suggestions on ways to improve.

Twisting Ducks' Being Green

Twisting Ducks' guide to being green.

Twisting Ducks are a theatre group making accessible drama for people with learning disabilities and the wider community

Twisting Ducks' Being Green. Signed

Twisting Ducks' guide' to being green, with sign language.

Twisting Ducks are a theatre group making accessible drama for people with learning disabilities and the wider community.

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